System requirements for *brand_product_name*
*version* and up
These browsers are known not to work with *brand_product_acronym*.
These browsers are known to work with *brand_product_acronym*.
These browsers have not been tested extensively, and may or may not work with *brand_product_acronym*.
To log in using these browsers, you must first disable tab browsing. From ~Tools~, select ~Options~, then select ~Tab Browsing~. Uncheck ~Open a tab instead of a new window~ and ~Open non-requested pop-ups in a new tab~.

ACS 7.1.3b3777
Select an operating system:

List of supported browsers

Platform Browser Verified Not Verified Unsupported
Windows® Microsoft Internet Explorer® --
Firefox®*1 , *4 --
Mozilla®*1 --
Netscape®*1 8.0*5, --
Macintosh OS X Safari*1 1.2 1.0.2*3
Firefox®*1 , *4 --
Mozilla®*1 -- --
Netscape®*1 7.0
Macintosh OS 9 Mozilla®*1 1.2.1*2 -- --
Netscape®*1 -- 7.0.2
Solaris 8™ Mozilla®*1 1.6 --
Netscape®*1 -- 7.x
Linux Firefox®*1 , *4 --
Mozilla®*1 , 1.4.2 1.2.1 --
Netscape®*1 --

Not Verified

*1  These browsers do not support application sharing, but may be used for viewing other people's shared applications. Only Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.5 or higher supports application sharing. *2  Colors may not be rendered correctly. *3  Some features are not available, due to the lack of context-menu support (i.e., right-click menus). *4  With these browsers, layout may become distorted. This problem may be addressed by resizing the window. *5   Please contact your system administrator.